Annual Report 2018

A Message from the President:

I am pleased to provide the final report for the 2018 year, which highlights some of the key achievements and initiatives of the Institute of Italian Studies – Lakehead University. Over the course of the 2018 year, the Institute’s administration and strategies have progressed, and I remain hopeful that they will continue to develop throughout the 2019 year.

Additionally, it has been an honour and privilege to be the president of the Institute of Italian Studies – Lakehead University this past year. Thank you to all the directors for their continued dedication to the Institute, and for their interest in promoting and preserving Italian culture and history.


Leah Nadin


Institute of Italian Studies – Lakehead University

7 March 2019

Links with Lakehead University:

The Institute’s graduate student award (in the amount of $15,000) was awarded by Lakehead University to an education student for her research on the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. Additionally, the Institute continues to honour the three-year commitment to the Cortona Project, which allows Lakehead University students to study in Italy.  


Publications & Research:

The Institute’s publications continue to be recognized both locally and internationally. Additionally, the Institute of Italian Studies looks forward to the publication of Tarantella to Thunder Bay – a children’s picture book about Italian immigration to Thunder Bay. The Institute is optimistic that this book will encourage children, as well as adults, to become informed about Italian culture and history. 


Speaker Series:

2018 was a successful year for Speaker Series events. The Institute hosted a luncheon with member of the Italian Parliament in Canada, Francesca La Marca, to discuss future initiatives such as: access to funds for teaching Italian in Thunder Bay, recognition of Italian leaders in various communities, and the advancement of the Institute’s mandate. Additionally, the Institute, along with Dr. Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio of the Centre for Health Care Ethics at Lakehead University, invited Reverend Renzo Pegoraro to speak about bioethics research and education. Rev. R. Pegoraro is an ordained priest, medical doctor, and the Chancellor for the Pontifical Academy of Life at the Vatican, and he spoke about the history and perspectives of Bioethics in Italy.  


Sponsorship of Cultural Events:

The Institute’s sponsorship of cultural events throughout 2018 included two events: the Consortium Aurora Borealis concert entitled, “Venice and Vivaldi”, and Opera Northwest’s Italian Opera, Donizetti’s L’Elisir d’Amore, which featured a TBSO quartet and local vocalist, Theresa Thibert.



The Institute of Italian Studies – Lakehead University is a non-profit organization in Ontario and holds a charitable registration number. The by-laws, constitution, minutes, and policies of institute are maintained by the Institute’s secretary-treasurer, Richard Buset. The finances of the Institute are supported by holding two annual fundraising events: Golfing for the Goal and the Culinary Wine Tasting & Dinner, which are both held at Whitewater Golf Club in Thunder Bay. These events have continued to be successful and generate adequate financial support for the Institute because of the leadership and support of directors, Silvio Di Gregorio, Joe Quaresima, and Joe Daniele.



Those who continue to support the Institute are well-informed of events through the website,, as well as a database of patrons, which were both developed and continue to be maintained by Institute director, Joe Quaresima.  


2018 Directors:

The constitution of the Institute provides for seventeen directors. In 2018, the following individuals sat as directors of the board: 

Leah Nadin (President), John Bonofiglio (Vice President), Richard Buset (Secretary / Treasurer), Roy Piovesana (Past President), Rosa Carlino, Franco Crupi,                       

Silvio Di Gregorio, Joe Daniele, Anne Klymenko, Angela Maltese, Lina Nigro,                  

Saverio Nigro, Mark Piovesana, Francesco Pedulla, Joe Quaresima,                           

Rosanne Rambaldini, and Joe Virdiramo


Additionally, the following individuals are recognized as associate or honorary directors of the Institute:

John Potestio (associate), Frank Pullia (associate), Antonio Nicaso (honorary),             

and Dr. Carney Matheson (honorary).

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