Speaker Series

The Institute of Italian Studies is pleased to present its Speaker Series, featuring topics of interest to all community members. Of particular interest is our continued panel discussions, where several of Thunder Bay's key Italian Societies are represented.

Piazza San Marco


Upcoming Speaker Series:





Previous Speaker Series:


justin o brein event poster

APRIL 2 - Justin O'Brein (DiPaolo) Good Sons of Italy, Good Citizens of Canada


MAY 4 - Antonio Nicaso, A leading authority on criminal organizations reflects on crime and corruption in Canada.poster

MARCH 17 - Paul Colilli, The Morris Lecture. Giorgio Agamben and the
Legitimacy of Angelology.poster


MARCH 12 - Professor Carney Matheson, Unravelling the Secrets of Ötzi the Icemandetails (media release, poster, radio clip)


FEBRUARY 19 - The Honorable Joseph Volpe, PC, A Country in Evolution: Community, the Press and Governmentdetails (radio interview, live recording)


JULY 3 - Pasqualino Bongiovanni, book launch of "To The South of Things"details (media release, live recording)


OCTOBER 12 - Antonio Nicaso, Canadian journalist-author Antonio Nicaso speaks about Italy's political and economic situation.details (poster, video)


OCTOBER 13 - Professor Elio Costa, "The Idea of Italy in Dante's Divine Comedy" (On the occasion of the 150th celebrations of Italian Unification)details (poster, video)


MARCH 4 - Nino Ricci, Identity in a Post-Identity Eraposter


NOVEMBER 24 - Antonio Pucci, Società Italiana di Benevolenza: Principe di Piemonte 1909-2009details

APRIL 2 - John Potestio, "The Welch (Veltri) Company and the Emigration of Calabresi to Canada"details


OCTOBER 28 - Roy Piovesana, “The Italian Community in Fort William's East End, 1907-1969”  

MARCH 13 - Eda Leaman, "“A Journey Through Italian Literature: A Personal Accounting”


FEBRUARY 27 - Panel Discussion, “The Italian Community in Fort William's East End, 1907-1969”


Panelists: Darwin Bakke, Sylvianne Mauro, Rev. Monsignor Pasquale M. Stilla, V.G., J.C.L.

Moderator: Roy Piovesana


SEPTEMBER 27 - Panel Discussion, “Future Challenges of Italian Societies in Thunder Bay”


Panelists: Sylvia Kayzer, Joe Nucci, Louis Romito, Rosetta Quaresima

Moderator: Roy Piovesana


OCTOBER 7 - Dr. Bruce Strang, “Babes in the Bretton Woods: Italy's Post-War Reconstruction”