Lakehead University


Italian 1010

Italian: Level I
3-1; or 3-1

An introductory course in speaking, understanding and writing the Italian language in everyday situations. Oral communications will be emphasized.

Not offered this year.

Italian 1030

Italian: Level II
3-1; or 3-1

A continuation of the study of the fundamental elements of the Italian language started in Level I. Both oral and written expressions are emphasized in the study of vocabulary, grammar and idiomatic expressions.

Not offered this year.

Italian 1510

Language and Culture
3-0; or 3-0

An introductory course designed to provide the student with an application of the fundamental elements of modern Italian language and culture. This course will be taught in English.

Not offered this year.

Italian 1530

Italian Civilization
3-0; or 3-0

Study some of the principal aspects of Italian life, culture, art and thought from the early Renaissance to the present day.




Confederation College


Conversational Italian and Culture

GS 141 

This course introduces the student to contemporary Italian life, culture and the Italian language. The dialogues, readings and cultural topics depict for the learner life in Italy today. Likewise, the visual images and the realia of the text convey to the learner an accurate and lively portrait of the Italian-speaking world. The student also will learn that the largest ethnic group in Thunder Bay is of Italian descent and, thus, will be able to observe and reflect on cultural parallels in the diverse Canadian cultural mosaic. Furthermore, Italian culture and language will be presented and practised through some selected video material. Throughout the course the student will function in basic spoken Italian. The student will practice guided conversation in class, assimilate vocabulary and grammatical structures, manipulate practical language functions in the language lab and develop effective communicative skills of listening, speaking and reading within a cultural context and everyday social situations.

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St. Ignatius High School


Grade 11 Italian Studies

LWI CU1 - Italian

This courses offers students opportunities to further develop their knowledge of the international language and to enhance their communication skills. Students will use increasingly sophisticated language in a variety of activities that will enable them to speak and write with clarity and accuracy. Students will also enhance their thinking skills through the critical study of literature, and continue to explore aspects of the culture of countries where the language is spoken through a variety of print and technological resources. Prerequisite: LWIBO1

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Grade 12 Italian Studies

LWI DU1 - Italian

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