Publications Guidelines


A major objective of the Institute of Italian Studies - Lakehead University is to promote the study and research of Italian-Canadian history and culture, with special but not exclusive reference to northwestern Ontario. From time to time, individuals engaged in research may produce manuscripts of a popular or scholarly nature in this area of study to be considered for publication by the Institute. To facilitate the process, several guidelines are deemed appropriate.

  1. Manuscripts to be considered for publication will be submitted to the President of the Institute.
  2. The President will refer the manuscript to the research and publications committee for review.
  3. Although works of non-fiction should be given priority, the Institute should also consider other literary works such as plays, poetry, novels, etc. that focus on the Italian immigrant experience in Thunder Bay and/or other parts of Canada.
  4. If the manuscript is submitted by a director of the board, he/she will not discuss it in any way privately with colleagues and will recuse himself/herself from its consideration at the board or committee level.
  5. The research and publications committee will engage the services of at least two external examiners who in turn will review the manuscript and make recommendations as to its appropriateness for publication.
  6. The committee will make a recommendation to the board based on its own review of the manuscript and the written submissions of the external examiners. 
  7. If the manuscript is recommended and approved for publication, an author/publisher agreement will be drawn up.
  8. The research and publication committee will be responsible for guiding the manuscript through the editorial, prepress, and printing process. Costs associated with the publication must be approved by the Institute’s Board of Director.


It is recommended that the Institute of Italian Studies – Lakehead University Board of Directors adopt the research and publications guidelines as outlined above.


Updated: 4 May 2017