Italian Cultural Clubs

We are pleased to provide a listing of Italian business and social clubs in and around Thunder Bay.


CIBPA: Canadian Italian Business Professionals Association


Silvio DiGregorio
CIBPA Thunder Bay
665 Hewitson Street
Thunder Bay, ON
Phone: 623-1855


CIBPA Thunder Bay promotes the recreational, cultural, social, artistic, business and professional activities of Italian Canadians in Thunder Bay and Surrounding Area and also encourages the participation of Italian Canadians in the economic and public affairs of this region and Canada.


As necessary


Open to Italian business professionals from our community


New Members: $180
Renewal: $150
New Student: $100
Student Renewal: $75

Gran Sasso Club


The members of the Gran Sasso Club are pillars of their community, and participate in many local events, from birthday parties to fundraisers for education and health care. Their contribution to community spirit extends far beyond the Italian-Canadian community.