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The Institute of Italian Studies has a number of upcoming events and fundraisers. Please browse through our upcoming and past events listed below:

Upcoming Events:

Past Events:


MAY 1 - Aging as a Disability? Speaker series with visiting scholar Professor Rev. Renzo Pegoraro view poster



JUNE 10 - 10th Annual Golf Tournament

MARCH - Italian Film Showing at PACIdetails

JAN-FEB - Italian Film Showing at PACIdetails


OCTOBER 5 - Italian Film Festival, Lakehead University PACI Building

JUNE - 9th Annual Golf Tournament


NOVEMBER 13- 8th Annual Wine Tasting DInner, Wines of the Tuscany Region

JUNE - 8th Annual Golf Tournament

FEBRUARY 19 - A Country in Evolution: Community, the Press and Government


NOVEMBER 23 - Consortium Aurora Borealis, St. Paul's United Church

NOVEMBER 14 - 7th Annual Wine Tasting, "Vinyards from the Alps to Sicily"

JULY 3 - "To the South of Things/ A Sud Delle Cose" Book Baunchnews release

JUNE 7 - 7th Annual Golf Tournamentphotos


NOVEMBER 15 - 6th Annual Wine Tasting Dinner, Featuring Wines of Central Italy

NOVEMBER 10 - Consortium Aurora Borealis, St. Paul's United Churchposter

JUNE 8 - 6th Annual Golf Tournament


NOVEMBER 17 - 5th Annual Wine Tasting Dinner, Featuring Wines of Sicily

JUNE 11-12 - Rendezvous with Italy Festival, Fort William Historical Parkposter

JUNE 10 - 5th Annual Golf Tournament

MAY 12 - "Italians of Fort William's East End, 1907-1969" Book Launchphotos


NOVEMBER 18 - 4th Annual Wine Tasting Dinner, Featuring Wines of Piedmont

JUNE 18 - 4th Annual Golf Tournament


NOVEMBER 19- 3rd Annual Wine Tasting Dinner, Veneto Region Winesphotos

JUNE 19 - 5th Annual Golf Tournamentphotos

MAY 28 - Film Night, Italian Cultural Centre - Galileo Room


NOVEMBER 20 - 2nd Annual Wine Tasting Dinner, From a Tuscan Vinyard

JUNE 20 - 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

Wine Tasting Event

Golfing for The Goal Event

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IISLU's $15,000 Graduate Award

A contract lecturer position in Italian is available in the Department of Languages for the Winter 2014.

Inquiries: PHONE (807)343-8620
Application Closure Date: Nov 30, 2013

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